Into the art- INTRO- ENG

Ecco Homo, oil on canvas, by HADARA

Ecco Homo, oil on canvas, by HADARA

Well, as seriously as I had my mind set on it, I hadn’t realized this new plunge into art will take me by the balls, so to speak. I must admit, I am moved by your responses, the public and private ones. Your kind intentions are urging me to sort out matters I didn’t expect to deal with so soon. And I’m too happy to do so. I’ll try to do it over this post, open heartedly. I’ll tell you how it all started, then share some ideas about the nature of this whole venture, then answer some of your questions. Please be patient, and help me out here, kind readers, investors, lovers of music and art. I need you!

This whole venture started out of a sort of crisis. I damn need money to get going with my next super-precious project of music. Since my recent (10th album, TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING), I’ve been trying to key into my next, new decade of music making, figuring out my life with all their odd extensions, like my yet unpublished book, which is still looking for a good home, and my next album, which has been ready to go for a while, but needs some funding. And then, all of them storms in my mind.

Anyway, the thought of selling my paintings to support my next album has been tickling about my head for a while. The paintings have been hanging around me for years,  piled in my little room of books & music, waiting to be put to good use. And one drunk, angry night, after a mad battling with a crazy attack of nocturnal moth, I set out to open up my own and first Gallery (earlier that day I had bought new canvases and oil color tubes for the first time in 20 years!).

It’s amazing how easy it is to set up your own Gallery these days. I could have tried one of those DIY site makers, but it was simpler & faster & sweeter to just set up a blog, which is an excellent way to word up the painting. And man, I got lots of wording up to do.

So, as the header declares, I’m here for my music, therefore I’m here to sell.

Now let’s talk about the real worth and the pricing of a work of art. Mind you, I’m not an expert, but I got the Song of Songs in me. Joni Mitchell, a great painter, started making music as a side kick to support her art. Well, I do art to support my music. Imagine the worth of Joni Mitchell music, and then, try to imagine the worth of my art.

I assume that pricing a piece of art is depending on endless reasons and speculations, often, if not mostly, totally irrelevant to the art itself. It’s like the stock exchange market, a bunch of mysterious waves of highs and downs, induced by anything from a volcanic rapture in some Nordic island, to some curiously generated spin about the president’s divorce. Whatever. I don’t know why I had to bring up the stock exchange market. I know nothing about it. I think I just like to say the words, as they are so foreign to my tongue, and it feels kind of sexy saying it. Stock Exchange. Here, I said it again.

In my  very case of venturing into this art, I’m a total beginner, and I’m making my own rules, just like I did when I started making music, some ten years and ten albums ago. Making your own rules is the privilege of being a beginner, I guess. And it doesn’t last too long. There’s no doubt in my mind I am a musician now. But I wasn’t sure when I started. And again, just like I naturally went indie when I started my music venture, I’m naturally going indie right now, as I’m head long jumping into the art zone. Indie is the endearment term for the independent. It’s a tricky term. Anyway, I’m learning the rules of the industry as I’m moving along. I don’t know any other way.

My art stands on its own (whatever it’s worth), but it also stands to support my music, and that raises its value considerably. An art on a mission, I guess.

Also, as of yet, I don’t have too many paintings. I have only the few I’ve kept over the years.  Of course, having bought those new oils & canvases, I’m intending to take it up again, but I made a pact with myself, that I will not paint further till I sell!

Also, dear lovers of art and music, remember I am here, first and after all, for the music! Every one who buys a piece of art will be honorably credited in the next album as an album trustee (for lack of a better word right now), and will receive a personally signed copy of the album.

I will post a few more paintings and drawings in the up coming days. Each piece will get its on post. To survey the various paintings, you’ll have to go through the various posts. Each piece will have some words added, enhancing & commenting on the work.

I have my price tags on some of the painting, but like I said, I’m learning it up. Prices may go up as we speak :) And you are all welcome to give your suggestions too.



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